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DA Speaker Repair Foam Re-edge Order Form For All Models

DA Speaker Repair Foam Re-edge Order Form For All Models
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    Part #: DA-REK
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    1] Cabinet Model:
    2] Driver Model:
    3] Frame Diameter:
    4] Cone Diameter:
    5] Inside Foam Lip:
    6] Type of Cone:
    7] Your Comments:

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    Ordering a Re-Edge kit from Orange County Speaker is very easy. Just fill in all the fields below and click "Add to Cart". We have Re-Edge kits for just about every speaker ever made! If we don't have it, nobody will. We have sold over 100,000 Re-Edge kits since 1968. Re-edging a speaker is easy! Click here to view our Re-Edge kit instructions.

    1] Cabinet Model: The cabinet model number is usually located on the rear of your speaker cabinet near your speaker wire hookup terminals (ie: JBL L100T, Infinity RS4, Bose 501, Vega D-7, AR9, etc.) The model number may be located on the front of your cabinet behind your grill cover. If you are unable to find your cabinet model number, please enter "none" into this field.

    2] Driver Model: Please pull one of your drivers out of the cabinet and write down ALL the numbers on the back of the magnet (ie: JBL 125a, Infinity 902-6407, Bose 99671881, Vega 121-4, AR 1200003-1, etc.) Sometimes the numbers will be located on the edge of the frame or near the speaker wire terminals on the driver. If your driver does not have any numbers on it, please enter "none" into this field.

    3] Frame Diameter: The frame diameter is measured from the OUTSIDE edge of the speaker frame across to the other side (ie: JBL 125a measures 10 1/4", Infinity 902-6407 measures 8 1/4", etc.) See diagram #1 below.

    4] Cone Diameter: The cone diameter is measured from one side of the cone to the other side. Please remove the foam before you measure. This will allow you can get an accurate measurement. The cone diameter should not include the foam surround. See diagram #1 below.

    5] Inside Foam Edge Lip: The foam is available in two styles (Flat or Angled). Some speaker cones will "Flatten" off at the top where the foam attaches to the cone. Other cones do not flatten off. The foam is "Angled" down slightly to attach to the cone. See diagram #2 below. (Please note: "Angled" foam is usually not the exact same angle as the cone. The foam will have a slight angle (or taper) before it's glued to the cone. This slight angle allows it to be glued to an "Angled" cone. After you glue it to the cone the foam angle will match the cone angle.)

    6] Type of Cone: There are two types of cone material (Paper or Poly Plastic). The reason we ask which type of cone you have is because there are different types of adhesive glue depending on the type of cone (Paper or Poly Plastic). If you are unsure which type of cone you have, please select "Unknown".

    7] Your Comments: If you'd like to add any comments for us, please do so here.

    Each Re-Edge kit includes all the materials needed to repair two (2) speakers:

    • 2 Polyether Foam Surrounds (Best Quality Available!)
    • 8 Gasket Segments (2 Complete Sets - If Applicable)
    • 1 Bottle Specially Formulated Foam Surround Adhesive Glue
    • 1 Adhesive Glue Applicator Brush
    • Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions with Picture Illustrations
    • Toll Free Tech Support - 800-897-8373

    Please note: This order form is for USA shipping addresses only. If you live outside the USA please click here.

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